How Does Our Coaching Work?

Our coaches are trained to deal with a large variety of health related issues. Their experience along with the initial consultation will determine how they build a winning formula that fits in with you and your lifestyle.


Specific to your needs, requirements, and experience.

We never use pre-made programs and always take into account all the varying factors of training safely and efficiently. We may ask for short videos of you performing certain exercises to ensure you are fully competent and have the correct range of motion to be both safe and successful.

We wont have you doing crazy ‘functional’ exercises that look amazing but do more harm than good. All programs will be based on what you need and in time frame given.


Customised to your goals, body type, and lifestyle.

Nutrition is one of those things which really should be simple, and therefore that’s how we like to keep it! No fad diets, no crazy concoctions, just good honest food.

Everyone has a different starting point and different end goal. You my be given a certain macro nutrient or calorie target, or we may just start you off with changing a few foods around here and there. Either way we will give you all the support you require to eat as healthily as possible whilst still enjoying food. But remember, nothing in life comes easy, so be prepared to make a few sacrifices on your journey.


Education is the key to long term success.

We believe our job is only done once our clients are able to go away and continue their journey on their own. With your coach being just one email or text message away you are never far from that all important answer.

We will teach you how to eat correctly for optimum health whether you are meal prepping or out and about. You will learn which exercises, reps, sets, and tempo work best for your body type and how to effectively put them together to form an awesome program.

Together we will get you to where you want to be, but ultimately you will be the one taking control of your life.

Tracking your progress

Seeing progress helps you stay motivated. Our simple to use methods ensure both you and your coach are on top of things at all time and ready to make changes if necessary.

Progress Photos

Track your own progress, with weekly photos.

Results Tracking

Record and update your weights & measurements, and track your improvements.